Benefits of Owning a Cat

Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows they make wonderful pets. Those who never had a cat and would like to know why you would want to own one should continue reading. There are so many benefits to reap when you make a cat your pet. Below are ten of them.

  • Better physical health

One of the physical health benefits of owning a cat is lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is associated with an increased risk for a stroke.
Owning a cat can also lower bad cholesterol, and it can lower your triglyceride level. High blood cholesterol and a high triglyceride level increase your chance of developing heart disease.

  • Improved mental health

Cats are great companions to people who live alone. Owning a cat? can melt away the blues. Cats are very affectionate animals, and when one rubs its head against yours it can get rid of stress. Adopt a cat if you want to smile and bring some sunshine into your life.

  • Better child development

Research has shown that some children who have autism have an easy time interacting with their pet, which may make it easier for them to interact with humans. Even children without this disorder have admitted to talking to their pet when something was bothering them. A cat can also be a great source of comfort to a child who is agitated.

  • Cats are low maintenance

There is little work involved with owning a cat. One reason for this is because a cat knows how to use a litter box without special training and will always use that box when it needs to do its business.
There is no need to put a cat on a leash and take it outside every time nature calls. While your cat is doing what it needs to do, you can take a nap. You will also never have to bath your cat if it remains indoors. Cats groom themselves, and they are obsessive about it.

  • Cats are intuitive

When you own a cat you have a friend who will stay by your side when you are not feeling well. Many cats have a special sense that alerts them when you feel sick, and because they commonly develop a strong bond with their owner, they will sit by your side to comfort you.
One good example of this was a cat that knew when residents in a nursing home were going to die. When death was approaching, the cat would leap onto the bed and lie there with the dying person.

  • Cats keep mice away

Cats love to hunt and kill mice, and if a cat sees them in the house, you can be sure those troublesome pests will not be around for long. When the temperature outside starts to drop mice scout out warm homes that can keep them warm and provide bits of food.
If the mice know there is a cat in the house, they may not even bother coming in. Owning a cat is a great way to keep these unwelcome guests outdoors.

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