Amazingly Tasty Blueberry Desserts

Blueberries are usually in-stock in the produce section at stores year-round. It’s in summer, though, that the fruit is at its juiciest and most piquant. Not only are they great to snack on by themselves, they are great in a number of desserts, too.
Blueberry desserts have an intense flavor that perfectly captures the feeling of summer. Here are ten blueberry dessert ideas to try.

Blueberries on polenta pound cake
Covering polenta pound cake in thick, syrupy blueberry sauce isn’t the traditional way the cake is enjoyed. It’s a great idea, nevertheless. You simply need to cook a pint of blueberries over medium heat with sugar and a little water until the mixture thickens. Coating your pound cake with it, you’ll have a couple of berries in every spoonful.

Blueberry-flavored ice cream
Purple-colored blueberry ice cream can be far more festive than the chocolate that’s everywhere.
Blueberry ice cream, though, isn’t actually ice cream.
It’s a blueberry-flavored custard. You make thick, blueberry syrup by mashing up the berries and heating them over a low flame in a saucepan. Mix it with custard and serve fresh.

Blueberry fruit salad with tequila
If you love margaritas, a summery fruit salad with tequila should work very well for you. You start with kiwi, mango and blueberries mixed in a bowl with sugar, agave tequila and lime zest.
You heat the mixture over a medium flame until the sugar melts. Stir in 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice and leave in the refrigerator for an hour to cool before you serve.

Blueberry pie
Blueberries are a popular pie filling. There are dozens of recipe variants on the same theme.
You make the filling by mixing blueberries, sugar, flour and lemon zest together, and fill the pie shell with it before baking it.

Blueberry muffin cake
A muffin cake is actually made with muffin batter – except that it is baked in a cake tin, rather than in muffin cups. It can be a great breakfast treat in the summer. You simply make muffin batter the way you usually do, but fold blueberries in toward the end of the process.

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